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Dancing Dancing Dancing


It was a friend’s birthday this weekend … they’re coming thick and fast atm, birthdays that is, not friends..! “Fancy a drink for my birthday at The Winchester in Angel?” came the text. What I read was “Daaaaancing!!!”

What a night?! What a hot, sweat-pit The Winchester is, what great music they play. After 5 hours of dancing, we staggered out of there, pained of feet, barely able to breathe through the sweat-fug, happy as hell, not only because our 40 year old bodies had stood up to the challenge, but also cause it’d been a great night.

Who’s birthday’s next?

80s Night


Yes it’s 80s night and feeling’s right, oh what a night..!

Event 4 of 5 in my cousin’s 40th birthday extravaganza.  Everyone went to so much effort to dress up and get into the mood of reverting back to their youth ~ a happy time in the 80s, when life was easy and we were all innocent to and of the world and all we cared about was our deely-boppers.  When I say everyone, I actually mean “everyone other than me” as you can see from the photo.  Work and handing over to my replacement has completely consumed me in April, consumed and drained the life-force out of me.  There’d been no time to sort out an outfit, or think up one, or do anything other than work.  So shamefully here I stand, un-80-fied.

The 80s disco was near Bletchley Park ~ there was a lot of neon pink, there were a lot of leg warmers, there was even someone in a Hi-dee-Hi outfit ..!  Most of all, there was a lot of dancing and a lot of fun.  A very fitting and hilarious 4th 40th birthday do.

Hello Marble Arch Tower


The office moved over the weekend ~ thankfully my involvement in that process was very limited ~ I’d moved my previous company twice and that was more than enough ~ so I was glad the buck didn’t stop with me this time.

At the last minute the deal went sour and as a consequence we ended up in a tiny end of life office in Marble Arch Tower. It might not be where we hoped or thought we’d be, but the views over Hyde Park are stunning. Utterly stunning!

The office also has very deep window sills which house air con blowy units <<technical term! I’ve taken to curling up on the window sills at lunch time looking out over the city skyline and out across Hyde Park. It’s like a panacea of calm, 16 floors up amid the tourist fuelled insanity of the west end.

I never knew just how many trees there are in Hyde Park. Even now in Spring the variegations of the trees is marked, in autumn I expect it’ll be even more spectacular. Unfortunately I won’t be here to see it.


Afternoon Tea, Claridge’s


My cousin is turning 40 and it’s nice to see she’s upholding the family* [*my] tradition of multiple birthday “do’s” ~ although at five she outdo’s my now seemingly meagre three!

One and two were a spa weekend and a trip to Ireland, both with friends ~ three through five was to be a mix of family or family and friends events.

Today was event no.3, Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s (family.. including me … huzzah!!)

We were served by a Matt Dillon lookalike who was politeness and charm personified. He poured perfect champagne; explained the tea ritual and brought us as many sandwiches and cakes as we wanted, including a little candle studded birthday one.

The scones..! The. Scones! I cannot explain just how light and fluffy those scones were … and the jam, I have *no* idea what type of jam that was, but it had an elegant floral subtlety that I’ve never experienced in a jam before.  They don’t sell or give away the jam in their goodie bags, but by god I’d love to figure out that recipe.

And, while I’m here I have to mention the clean taste of the white monkey paw tea I had too – mainly as a reminder to myself to get some to have at home.

I know these experiences are out of the reach of many, but if there’s ever an opportunity to take afternoon tea in London, choose Claridge’s, it is delicious, special and enchanting.







Post Marathon Party … Piggy Goodness

My friend Elliott completed his second London marathon this weekend in a fantastic time of 4hrs 12mins. That alone was spectacular … actually getting round in one piece is spectacular, everything beyond that is just plain super human!  This beautiful suckling pig was served up at the post-marathon party ~ it looked as if it had just laid down to sleep and someone cooked him … he was delicious … sorry vegetarians, well sorry you missed out!