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Champagne bar



For two nights in a row I went to the champagne bar, Andaz in Liverpool Street, with two different men…

On the face of it, from an outsiders point of view, at best I’m a trollop, at worst a prostitute. The reality is, indeed, far more dull, although lots of fun – me, a male friend, a glass or two of wine / champagne (depending on the night) and a lot of laughs both night.

Ice Bucket Challenge

The summer of 2014 is going to be remembered as the summer where people doused themselves in ice cold water in aid of charity – hopefully the “charity” bit won’t be forgotten and that millions was raised for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) a neurodegenerative disease – which is progressive and incurable.

I, like millions of others, took to the challenge and donated to charity. Like many a Londoner I have no outside space, so once I’d jammed my iPad into the bathroom cabinet (first world problems), I took to the bath to pour a bucket of water with 2kg of ice Over My Head! From my face it’s rather apparent that its like wtf am I doing? … and also from my rather choice language. But the lucky part for me is that I could walk away, change clothes, dry off and look back and laugh – not the case if you have ALS.

It’s good that for a brief while in the summer of 2014 people bandied together for a cause – were it not for social media awareness and the amount of money raised would have been significantly less.

For more information on ALS, see their wesbite [here]


Move More pt 3 … maybe running after all


Back in May, I posted that my “move more” campaign for 2014 was definitely not going to be made up of running [here], and for the last three and a half months I lived by that decision, because it was the right thing to do, because It’s Madness! … until today.  Today I went for a run again, not only a run, but a public run, with a group of people ..!

At a friends birthday I’d met couple of people who were fitness nuts [in the nicest possible sense – you know those people who actually love to exercise .. not me!], one of which also lives in Crouch End. “Fancy a going for a run around Finsbury Park on Sunday at 10am?” came the group Facebook message.  For some inexplicable reason my response wasn’t “pffft No!” which by all logic, it should have been.  Oh no, my response was “yeah why not” – followed by, in my head “what the fuck?! Oh god how do I get out of this?”

And yet for some reason I didn’t even try to get out of it and so we went for a run, on a Sunday morning, in a public park. I’m not even going to pretend that I made one full circuit of the park without stopping, but I did run much further than before without stopping, by which time I was done for, but Jackie tried to keep me going, although bless her she did have to say at one point “Verity we do have to run you know” – apparently walking and talking is not sufficient exercise. We made it, eventually and now I’m not even sure that I don’t want to run again. …! I Know!!

… and then we “played” on the public exercise equipment and did Public stretches …

Celebration Time, Come On!


It was my friends 40th birthday tonight and we headed to The Jazz Cafe in Camden to watch a Kool and the Gang tribute band.

Sat up on the balcony eating we had a great view of the band … not crowded ~ we slightly older people like that … Ok, I’m beginning to appreciate that.

It didn’t take long for the oldies to be rocking the balcony, chanting “Cel-a-bration Times, Come On!!” arms raised, pointing at the band, singing* (*loudly), recreating the dance steps. We were brilliant, even in the cold light of soberness, I believe this to be the case.

We continued dancing* (*grinding) well after the band ended. By 1.30am I was done for, but then came the eventful night bus journey home.

Almost the funniest part of tonight will be being chatted up by a c.16yr old, him insisting that he was much older; had a 15 incher and me telling him just how ridiculous he was from the front, to the middle, the back and the end.

… oh and the woman who got bounced off her seat into the aisle when the bus went round a parked car. Oh the joys of the night bus.



Last minute plans came together to meet up with a couple of friends in Crouch End for a catch up and some Pan Asian food at Tootoomoo. The idea sounded good, although I wasn’t entirely sure what Pan Asian really meant … it means collective, cohesive Asian food btw, apparently, according to wiki, and we all know that wiki is never wrong.

Really good food, especially those short ribs which look frankly like they’re covered in a coating of mould.