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A London Christmas


I’ve lived in London for 22yrs now yet this is only my second Christmas I’ve actually spent here. The other was with my now ex-husband when we first got together.

I didn’t have enough holiday left to take any more than the three days between Christmas and New Year, and there was no way I was travelling on Christmas Eve, that would have been hell. So I was staying in London. And actually happy to do so.

I thought I’d try and get into the festive spirit ~ tree, nice food and wine ~ you know how it goes, no turkey though ~ rib of beef instead. God that rib of beef was stunning.

Morley butchers has really good quality meat.


Queuing for Turkeys

The sun is only partially risen and I find myself queuing at the butchers with the other crazies waiting for our turkeys, or on my case a rib of beef. No point in cooking a turkey for two is there? But seemingly half the ribcage of a cow is “about the right amount” … nutter!

People are leaving with their turkeys in seemingly modest sized boxed in exchange for c£60 ~ who knew turkey’s were so expensive?!

It’s my first Christmas in London since, erm … my now ex-husband and I first got together … 17 years … woah, a lifetime! It’s going to be a very different christmas.

A Cheeky Pre-Christmas Vino..?

… well why not!

I met Wendy through a friend I studied AAT with ~ there are five of us ex-AAT’ers who have kept in touch and meet up from time-to-time, Nadia being one. I met Wendy at Nadia’s 40th BDay in August, a fellow Crouch Ender. We’ve been running since then, and to a salsa club and then we bumped into each other in Tesco ~ fancy a quick drink on Monday? Erm why not.

Monday ~ late hour quick drink ~ boy [man] invited last minute ~ turns up … Miss Wendy has a lot to answer for, not all of it bad 😉

Oh what a happy quick pre-Christmas Monday Vino that turned out to be.

Christmas Singalong ~ Oh What A Night!

Oh. My. God! What an amazing night. What an absolutely amazing night. Fucking Amazing!

Due to a double booking at the King’s Head, the Christmas Singalong was held for the first time at Hornsey Town Hall in central crouch end. I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t know it was an active building and my first question was, “do they sell booze?”

It is an operational building; it does have a bar; and it does sell booze. It does also have a much much bigger room, like ha-uge! We were worried. We needn’t of been.

There was an open evening at the town hall – the door men were easily persuaded to hand out fliers to people heading to the committee rooms and the usual venue was plastered with posters and fliers.

Before the gig started the room was nigh on full ~ full of people from the committee rooms ~ full of people who had no idea what this singalong business was all about. Full of people outside of our usual demographic. But the seats soon ran out and it was standing room only. And the crowd warmed up. And. It. Was. Amazing. Utterly.

Christmas song after non-Christmas song. Those where the days my friend, followed Mustang Sally and I Dreamed a Dream soon followed after that and interspersed with Jingle Bell Rock and All I want for Christmas is You!!! And we sang. And we danced and when Like A Prayer came around, as it always does, being a stalwart of singalong, 150 people became the gospel choir. Magnificent.

And the conga … there was a Crouch End Christmas singalong conga to “All Night Long” by Lionel Ritchie!! Madness. Brilliant.

I don’t know how much we collected for Shelter, but the collection tin was very heavy.

Already looking forward to next month’s.

A Christmas Boat-trip


We had a dinner dance cruise on the Thames for our Christmas Do ~ the food was, well unforgettable – although I did come back from having a sneaky cig on a very cold top deck, to find a whole table of colleagues face down in their desserts, racing to eat them.

I danced the night away, as usual, even when the boat was swaying so much we had to hold on to the ceiling to stop ourselves shooting off the dance floor.

Another good night.

Winter Wonderland

It was supposed to be a work girls’ night out to celebrate our swelling numbers from 7 a year ago to 20 today. And it was supposed to start at 6pm.

Alas work commitments got ahold of me and I arrived at 9.30 (after most people had left) just in time for the last two songs of the band in the Bavarian Beer tent and time to gulp down a couple of mulled wines. So so wish I’d been able to spend the whole night with the girls, but regardless it was amazing.

And I want to come back, for sausage!

Mulled wine, mulled wine, rar, Rar, RAR!!