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Human Traffic

Finsbury Park hell

For the last two mornings the commute into work has been hideous ~ not just bad, plain hideous.

On Monday we were queued back off the platform ~ five tubes pass and as I’m perched on the edge of the platform, toes, nay feet well over the yellow line; nose inches from the incoming speeding tube; I ponder whether there’s space for me under the rails without having my body sliced into a multitude of bits; praying there’s not even a hint of surge and never to find out.

Today as I arrive at finsbury park the gates are closed and my heart sinks, I know it’s going to be another crappy journey. The ever growing mass of increasingly angry flesh tells me this too. I abandoned all hope and headed for the overground and prayed at least that was working properly.

TFL sort it out. You’re not moving unexpected amounts of people around the capital. It’s crazy.

Impromptu Night Out with the Girls

IMG_1874.JPGFancy a going out tonight? 8.30 at Highbury?? I umm’d and ahh’d for a bit, but after I’d put the Christmas tree up I thought why the hell not, I hadn’t seen Nors since before the US, some two months ago. Crazy. And very little of Stacey and Cat.

We started on the prosecco, had a little more prosecco, and a little more after that and some gin thereafter, interspersed with quite a lot of dancing until gone 2am.

It was a fabulous night right up until we discovered Stacey’s coat and Noreen’s scarf had been stolen. Bizarrely we tracked down the women who’d taken them in a neighbouring bar and got them back. Oddness.

God my body hurt the next day. I think my body thinks I’m too old to dance. My body can go to hell.

The Tree is Up!


It’s my first Christmas in London since erm c.1997. I’ve got no holiday left after the US trip, but that’s ok cause it was a brilliant holiday and I’m actually looking forward to a Christmas curling up at home relaxing and I suppose doing it on my own terms.

I popped out early to buy the tree, just a small one mind, my living room isn’t that big. For the record, even small trees are bloody heavy, as I find out as the tree-guy lifts it onto my shoulder and I stumble back home and pop out to pick up the new decs.

I spent aaaages decorating the tree singing Christmas songs ~ I think that’s apparent ~ I’m clearly a creative genius..!

The Currency Cloud Go Skating


It was our first Christmas Do today – ice skating … oh yes, ice skating in the heart of the city in Broadgate.

I’ve been ice skating, I think three times before in my life, I’m shit at it, utterly – I have a terror about falling over and hurting my already knackered knees. It’s not even a fear, it’s an actual terror, but it’s happening and we’re all equipped with our new company hats and we’re ready to go.

As I get on the ice I don’t move much … I scream a lot more than move, until a colleague starts guiding me around the rink. Gradually I get better, eventually I’m going round the rink on my own, slowly … faster, bit faster, bit too fast, cornering issues!!! … fell over ~ hilarious fun.