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Smart Meter Obsession

I am becoming absolutely obsessional about my newly installed smart meter. It taunts me, telling me that despite sitting in the dark, with no heating, or electrical sockets turned on, I’m using electricity and gas, even if it is just 3p an hour!

Anyone who knows me, especially my ex-husband, will attest to the fact that I’m the queen of leaving lights on. I don’t know how it happens. In my mind I walk in from work, take my coat and suit off and sit down. In reality something very different must have happened because every single bloody light is on in the flat!

I got home last night to find I’d spent £1.88 on heating a flat I hadn’t been in … and then, *then* I put the oven on … £0.44 an hour?? Are you joking(?!) She says as she turns off every light in the flat in a frenzy … how much is a full slow roast Sunday dinner going to cost?

I guess the meter is working, it is after all making me aware* (* ultra paranoid) of the energy I’m using … it hasn’t got to the point of sleeping in clothes … yet

Cloud Burst ~ a Metaphor for Life?

Well 2014 has taken an unexpected change in direction and not with laughter and positivity, but hopefully by the end of the year I’ll look back on these last two weeks and know their purpose in the grand scheme of my life.

Working from home today, I happened to glance out the window, while restarting my laptop for the umpteenth time (!!), just in time to see the rays of the sun burst out from the clouds.

Whatever metaphor you take it to mean I’m sure depends on your religious and spiritual levels, but looking at the golden line on the edge of the clouds, made me think / hope that no matter what’s happening, now, right now, that perhaps my golden edged cloud burst isn’t too far away.

The Treehouse, Alnwick Garden

It was my Daddy’s 70th birthday this week. He didn’t want a large party, so a few friends and some family went to the Treehouse Restaurant at The Alnwick Garden.

It’s a massive treehouse, nestled, if nestled is the right word, among the trees at the entrance to the Alnwick Garden. There are bouncy wooden bridges that connect platforms and buildings, delighting children and big-kids alike … sometimes the latter more than the former. One of the largest is the Treehouse Restaurant – the inside is quite magical, with branches sticking out all over the place and chairs seemingly made from half a tree each.

We had a fab time with fine wine, good food and excellent company. But most of all I got to spend time with my Daddy.

If you’re in the north east I’d recommend a visit especially in the summer.

Heading North

I’m heading up north for my daddy’s 70th birthday this weekend. It’s rained endlessly for what seems like 40 days and 40 nights. Land and towns are flooded and no-one will be surprised if Noah floats on by soon!

It’s been cold, windy and wet for forever and yet for the briefest of time, shortly after sunrise the clouds cleared and the sun fought its way through.

This was taken as the train sped north ~ before long it was raining again and we were driving through lakes where once fields were.

Anti-Valentine Singalong

It was Valentine’s Day this week, hurrah … or something like that.

However, forget your over-priced couply dinners with those painfully awkward silences, there was a much better way to spend this day and that was at an Anti-Valentine’s Singalong. And seemingly a lot of other people thought so too. It was rammed, utterly rammed ~ men, women, singles, couples, friends ~ laughing, singing and a little bit of pointing skyward singing “don’t stop believing!”.

It is one of the best nights out a month, I’ve met a lot of fabulous people here, who just love to sing … they might like a little bit of vino too, but they really do like to sing.  And even if you don’t want to sing on the mic yourself the whole audience just sings-along… oh yeah, the whole premise…

I won this prize for erm being single and singing (me singing in the main pic), but hey “one is indeed fun!” right??