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Back on the Dance Floor

Oh my god, I have been excited about going back to the Rivoli since before New Year, before the flu started, well before I really should have been excited about it. I was like a clapping seal, I was that excited. But boy was I pissed off that the flu nearly put paid to that. But it didn’t. I did however hold back [a bit] … I only did one jive and didn’t mind that I sat out a few dances.

It seems like I haven’t been social dancing in ages … October …! This is not right, this is very very wrong! Dance competitions seemed to fall on Rivoli weekends throughout last year. This year, very few do … Super Excited!

I ache all over after dancing for 4hrs … including my face ~ it was such a joyous night. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep, I’m in so much pain, not be able to walk in the morning. One thing I am sure of, is that I don’t care … can’t wait until the next social!

The Pirates of Penzance 

I booked last minute tickets to see The Pirates of Penzance at The Coliseum. As children we listened to the music over and over again ~ I’m not even sure why, or whether it was mum or dad who played it, but for whatever reasons, I know, and take delight (great delight) in reciting (tarantara tarantara) some of the lyrics Continue reading The Pirates of Penzance 

Distraction Club, Prefaced by Dancing

My social life seems to have gone a bit crazy again with nights having to be double-stacked. Last night was a quick drink with a friend followed by a double dance class, tonight is a private dance lesson followed by the once-a-month Distraction Club. I always end up missing the first 40mins of DC, as I have to head back into Town from Westbourne Park – but I wont miss dance. Continue reading Distraction Club, Prefaced by Dancing

The Strictly Prom

I have lived in London for 24years and this is my first ever Prom, which is frankly ridiculous, but what a great one to start with, The Strictly Prom. Both Judith and I are avid dancers and Strictly nuts.

The samba and rumba were absolutely corking ~ two of my favourite dances … so good.

If I ever get to be half as good as the dancers this evening, I’ll be a happy woman – all the way through it I kept thinking about how and where I want to take my dancing.

The Wickedest Wicked

Apparently my niece has been wanting to see Wicked since she was about 8yrs old, plaguing her mother with singing to the soundtrack endlessly.  So it seemed like a perfect time to tell her that it was completely sold out and couldn’t get tickets for her birthday treat visit to London – because that is perfect parenting / aunting behaviour … But even nicer making her, I mean watching her cry with joy when we told her that we had actually managed to get prime seats.

Continue reading The Wickedest Wicked

The Crazy but Utterly Magnificent Mikado

IMG_5609In an impulsive fit I booked to see the ENOs production of The Mikado at The Colusseum, purely on the basis of an email I received from them … who says email marketing doesn’t work?!

It looked fun, funky and quirky. It was all of that and more. It was laugh out loud, rocking backwards and forward hilarious. It was being filmed and live-streamed into cinemas around the UK.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On {Piano Works}

It’s my birthday do and we’re at a newly opened bar / live music place in Farringdon called Piano Works. The premise is that there are two pianists; you choose the set list by writing the song you want to play and then the night goes from there.

So many friends and family turned up and even though the venue was quite quiet I had a great night ~ dancing, singing and laughing with friends ~ you just can’t go wrong.

I have amazing friends.

Can’t wait to go back.