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Goodbye America

It’s the end if my big US adventure Boston > Maine > New Hampshire > DC > Virginia > Boston. It’s been a brilliant two weeks, I’ve loved it all. Even the 12hr drives, they were all part of a great holiday. I’ve loved spending time with my brother and Melissa.

But now I’m being driven to the airport and tears are welling up. The sun is setting over Boston and on my big US Adventure. We all vow to see each other again soon. And then the tears flow.

A Delaware Sunset

After a 12hr drive from Maine to Washington less than a week ago, the thought of a return car journey makes my heart sink … and currently sat in the back of a stop-start car it’s actually worse than the earlier journey, albeit shorter … endless nothingness … I hate being a passenger – we’ve done 200miles in 6hrs (with a break) … aaannnd there’s soooo faaaaar to go still!!!

As the sun started to set on my penultimate day in the US we passed over the Delaware river bridge ~ out of the back of car I just about managed to capture the fiery sunset.

… just 4hrs of driving in the dark to go.

Skyline Caverns

DSC_0659 (2)

It’s Day 3 in the second half of my big US adventure. Melissa and I are exploring again ~ thank god we get on, otherwise it would be pretty damn painful.

The weather was shocking, utterly wazzing down, so it was a good thing we chose to go to Skyline Caverns, in West Virginia (I think) … somewhat a dichotomy if there ever was one in a name.

Thanks to it being out of season and mid week there were only 4 of us on the tour which is brilliant as it made taking photos much easier. The tour took us 260ft underground ~ at one point they turned the lights off ~ based on the fact that I’m incredibly scared on the dark, I’m sure you can imagine my reaction!!

The formations are stunning, quite extraordinary that a little bit of water created such wondrous formations.





Mount Vernon, Virginia


Day 2 of the southern part of my US Adventure. Andy is at his course, so Melissa and I head to Mount Vernon the home and resting place of George Washington and thankfully it’s a much nicer day ~ somewhere in the 80s (c28C!!).

We have more problems navigating the sat nav than the roads to be honest, but eventually make it up there, after our obligatory stop at Starbucks for a pint of coffee.

It’s odd reading about slaves and how many the Washington’s had to serve in what, in modern times, is a small house for such an important figure.  The ground floor of the “new wing” the section on the left of the house is larger than a family home at the time.


In a country where food and drink portions are huge (a small drink in Burger King in the US is approx the same size as a large in the UK) and you can get a coffee that has near 500kcals in it, it amused me*, (*raised incredulity levels to the max), to see that they offer 5 different sweeteners to go with it.

Don’t get me wrong, that spiced pumpkin latte was delicious, which may account for some of my US weight gain!

Need to un-supersize-me!

… a dichotomy too far!