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In. Your. Face!

My Aunt’s cat doesn’t take well to strangers ~ even though (s)he somewhat invaded their lives, and despite “officially” living round the corner, spends most of his/her time at my Aunt’s.

I was sat in my Aunt’s usual spot when P-Cat decided they’d clamber on me and inspect my face and own me.

Between the Clouds

When I was young I used to spend hours lying on my back watching the clouds go by, or I’d wander letting the pointiest edge the cloud tell me which way to go.

I’ve always been transfixed by clouds ~ I spend a lot of time staring out the window of a plane at them. They seem so solid, yet not. Calming.

These few are from my flights to and from Copenhagen this weekend

Heart Lips

I had a bit of a rush to get out of the hotel this morning, so ended up doing my makeup in the (hire) car.

“Always do your Cupid Bow first” said the MAC makeup lady who helped me with my dance makeup earlier in the year. She definitely didn’t say “then turn it into a heart” … but this did amuse me… too much!

The Most Ridiculous Dance Injury

​I’m lying on my back in my living room, staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out if I’m ok or injured – nano-seconds earlier I was stood in my kitchen. What. A. Twat! What an utter twat!

I’d been practicing my rumba turns to try and sharpen them up – my rope spin, is at times ropey, so you know socks, shiny floor, great music why wouldn’t you … fucking disaster!

… I manage to keep the 360° turn tight and start to settle and … lose my balance, unable to unwrap my feet, I reach out to try and steady myself, but find nothing but air, falling through the doorway to the living room, scraping my tit on the doorframe on the way, akin to Del Boy falling through the bar. 

So here I lie prostrate on the floor with bruised and scraped tit.