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March Singalong

I thought long and hard before going to Singalong tonight but I figured I could sit down for most of it while doing the door and if it got too much I could always get a bus home, but I survived the night by sitting at the door drinking a pint of water … so very very different to every other singalong.

I managed one song [shaking] and hung on to Heather for most of it, but it was good to be out and about amongst good friends and singalong regulars, who raised my spirits loads.

Martin a rather magnificent photographer took lots of great photo’s of the evening, of which this is one of them.

On the way home a rather odd thing happened.  A man in a car swerved across from the other side of the road and pulled in front of me, blocking my path, wound down his window and said

“don’t be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you” … excellent, glad to hear this, even though your car is now blocking my path.

“but I saw you fro across the road and had to tell you that you looked finer than Kim Kardashian” … oh you mean, has a massive bum, oh “thanks” … I think, as I walk around his car

“do you have a minute?” as he winds down his other window, I’d like to get to know you” … no, no I don’t, definitely don’t.

“do you have a boyfriend?” … yes, yes I do [I don’t] … “tell him he’s a lucky man!” … I will, when I find him!

There are some very strange people out there!





Celebrate Good Times, Come On {Piano Works}

It’s my birthday do and we’re at a newly opened bar / live music place in Farringdon called Piano Works. The premise is that there are two pianists; you choose the set list by writing the song you want to play and then the night goes from there.

So many friends and family turned up and even though the venue was quite quiet I had a great night ~ dancing, singing and laughing with friends ~ you just can’t go wrong.

I have amazing friends.

Can’t wait to go back.

Christmas Singalong ~ Oh What A Night!

Oh. My. God! What an amazing night. What an absolutely amazing night. Fucking Amazing!

Due to a double booking at the King’s Head, the Christmas Singalong was held for the first time at Hornsey Town Hall in central crouch end. I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t know it was an active building and my first question was, “do they sell booze?”

It is an operational building; it does have a bar; and it does sell booze. It does also have a much much bigger room, like ha-uge! We were worried. We needn’t of been.

There was an open evening at the town hall – the door men were easily persuaded to hand out fliers to people heading to the committee rooms and the usual venue was plastered with posters and fliers.

Before the gig started the room was nigh on full ~ full of people from the committee rooms ~ full of people who had no idea what this singalong business was all about. Full of people outside of our usual demographic. But the seats soon ran out and it was standing room only. And the crowd warmed up. And. It. Was. Amazing. Utterly.

Christmas song after non-Christmas song. Those where the days my friend, followed Mustang Sally and I Dreamed a Dream soon followed after that and interspersed with Jingle Bell Rock and All I want for Christmas is You!!! And we sang. And we danced and when Like A Prayer came around, as it always does, being a stalwart of singalong, 150 people became the gospel choir. Magnificent.

And the conga … there was a Crouch End Christmas singalong conga to “All Night Long” by Lionel Ritchie!! Madness. Brilliant.

I don’t know how much we collected for Shelter, but the collection tin was very heavy.

Already looking forward to next month’s.

Cocktails, Karaoke, Dancing and a New Job … the best of days!


This, *This* is a night I want to remember. *This* was a brilliant night. Actually *that* is an understatement, it was Magnificent night and indeed day, just damn magnificent.

It was so magnificent I couldn’t get to sleep because I had the most stupidest grin on my face and it wouldn’t go away… proper looney-tune grin.

I found out in February that I would be losing my job, if you read the elusive Gilbert Scott post, this is when I knew. Today I was offered a job – it looks like a really good job and this is where the grinning started.

On top of that I’d organised a work’s jolly to do Karaoke at Karaoke Box in Soho.  Trying to persuade my colleagues that Karaoke *is* fun, nay damn excellent, was initially like pulling teeth … “I’d rather die” was a recurring comment “ffs, come, it’s fun, I promise you!” We had a few cocktails and nibbles in the office first, so some of the inhibitions were being eroded by the time we got there, but not many.  The Head of Dev and I led the way as the rest of the team sank a couple more buckets of beer… and then well, there was no holding them back ~ reticence and misgivings went out the window very quickly ~ someone [not me] [I retain anonymity and therefore the dignity of the individual] sang Flo-Rider and repeatedly “slapped their ass” as dictated by the song ~ whooping and squealing followed.  We were on our way to having a great time ~ I stood at the side of the room, like a proud mother, knowing what they didn’t know, that I was leaving and that I was going to miss them until my heart broke.

I sang “Run” by Snow Patrol with my boss ~ if you listen to the lyrics [Lyrics] you’ll know how poignant those lyrics are .. we barely contained our tears, knowing our time as colleagues and friends was coming to the end.  My swansongs were “You haven’t seen the last of me” from Burlesque [Lyrics] << poignant lyrics again “All That Jazz” one of my favourites and “Big Spender” … could I be happier?  Oh Yes I Could!

We’d extended the room hire by an hour, we’d drank and sang until we were hoarse, but still it was only 10pm, the night was young and I wanted to go back to Thirst.  To dance, to sing, to drink more cocktails, but ultimately just to dance.  And dance I did.  2.5hrs of solid dancing.

Losing only the smallest amount of weight that I have (10lbs since New Year), has really made a difference to how confident I feel.  And maybe I’ve toned up more, so I look more different than 10lbs, but tonight three men and one woman told me I looked sexy … but seriously, *this* never happens, ever.  I don’t get those kind of numbers of compliments in a month, a year even, let alone a night!

When I finally got home, some point after midnight, there was absolutely no shifting this smile ~ I’d secured a new job; I’d sung for hours; I’d danced with utter joy with colleagues and strangers; there’d been cocktails; and 4 people had said I was sexy ~ all of my favourite things in one night … if you can tell me of a better evening, I’d struggle to believe it!

And *This* is the reason I couldn’t sleep because of a massive grin on my face and *This* is what constituted the most Magnificent Night Ever!

[as a side note, thank you to all of you who’ve supported me through the last 6 weeks, you’ve been utterly invaluable and I love you!]

… terrible terrible photo’s and I need to get hold of the karaoke ones …




Anti-Valentine Singalong

It was Valentine’s Day this week, hurrah … or something like that.

However, forget your over-priced couply dinners with those painfully awkward silences, there was a much better way to spend this day and that was at an Anti-Valentine’s Singalong. And seemingly a lot of other people thought so too. It was rammed, utterly rammed ~ men, women, singles, couples, friends ~ laughing, singing and a little bit of pointing skyward singing “don’t stop believing!”.

It is one of the best nights out a month, I’ve met a lot of fabulous people here, who just love to sing … they might like a little bit of vino too, but they really do like to sing.  And even if you don’t want to sing on the mic yourself the whole audience just sings-along… oh yeah, the whole premise…

I won this prize for erm being single and singing (me singing in the main pic), but hey “one is indeed fun!” right??