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Dancing Injury

Some people would say dancing is beautiful and graceful, and it is. It’s all that and more ~ it’s joyful and soul warming. But it’s brutal at the same time.

My dance teacher says when it starts to hurt is when you’re starting to dance. This is true when I rumba extending every muscle and sinew, to create a graceful line. It is also especially true when someone back heels you in a social dance, scraping you from ankle to floor. That fucking hurts!

This is what happened on Saturday night at the Rivoli ~ three days later the bruising has definitely developed and is working its way down my foot … *retch*

Being Measured … From Front to Back..!

My dance teacher has suggested that I enter my first dance competition in the beginning of April and with that comes the need for a proper dress, all flowy and floaty, with those tasselly lengths of material hanging from your wrists, covered in boat-load crystals.

But these things are made to measure ~ these things have built in bust-cups and panties (!!) … Continue reading Being Measured … From Front to Back..!

Dali is Watching 

I popped in to the vineyard on Upper Street for dinner before my dance class this evening as I was ridiculously early and there was no way I was going to try and struggle home and back out again given the tube strikes. A massive picture of Dali is painted on one wall, staring down. I have no idea why, it doesn’t tie into anything else – but regardless it makes me smile on the rare occasions I come in.

In the end I was too tired to make my dance class and headed home. 

Dancing on the Thames


It’s my dance-friend’s Trix’s 30th birthday  … I know young people (!) and they’ve hired a boat …! We’re going to be dancing On. The. Freaking. Thames!! I’m so honoured to be invited.

We set off for Chelsea from Festival Pier at about 7.30pm, then head back down to, I think Greenwich ~ to be honest I barely see any of the scenery as I’m almost constantly on the dancefloor, or watching the fabulous shows that have been organised.

Thank you Trix for including me in your amazing celebrations. xx