Crouch End Delights

I spend a lot of time hunting down the best eateries in London, but there’s still nothing quite like the comfort and joy of a visit to Banner’s in Crouch End. Afternoons sat eating amazing food, watching the world go by can’t be beaten. As a single or as a party all are welcome.


Cupcakes have almost taken over the world of baking – it’s all gone a little mental! I’m afraid I’m hooked too, not just eating them, but baking them, decorating them and latterly teaching others how to decorate them. They are ridiculously easy to decorate and the results are fantastic and belie their ease.

After the Storm

Moments before this photo was taken my Dad and I were driving through an horrendous blizzard at 10mph, using a ridge at the side of the road to guide us, wondering if we’d make it to our destination. Then all of a sudden we broke out of the storm into brilliant blue skies with only distant black clouds to give any hint of the storm before.

A photographic journey through my life