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Back to the Ballroom

As I stepped into Bishopsgate Institute's Ballroom, I realise I hadn't been here in probably 18 months. Not since before surgery and probably a while before then too. The lighting's different, as is the set-up. In fact it's all different, but lovely and atmospheric. And more importantly, it's a dance floor and I have my feet on it.

For four hours we whisked and weaved our way around the floor; we jived and rumba'd; we sweated and laughed. By the end of the night we could barely walk, but it was all worth it.

Dance Exam Trophy

Back in March, in the middle of being ill, I took my Latin Silver Medal exam and passed with commendation. Back then and still now I’m disappointed that I missed honours by 1%, with average dance scores of 84% – but I was very ill and I’m now grateful that I managed to actually dance that day.That doesn’t mean I’m not determined to get honours next time around, because for me there’s still some unfinished business.  Today I finally got my trophy, certificate and marking sheet ~ which brought a massive smile to my face. I can’t wait to try again.

Dancing, Fans and the Rivoli

IMG_5995It’s the first Rivoli of the year – it seems like ages ago since I last danced … well apart from this morning where I had a dazed jet-lagged infused dance lesson, where I couldn’t understand what my teacher was saying … heard words, couldn’t comprehend any of them..! There was a bit of imbalance, tottering and a couple of thighs into my pelvic bone … dancing is brutal, in more ways than you can imagine!

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Dancing at the Royal Albert Hall

IMG_4541I literally can’t tell you how excited I am ~ I’ve been watching the Ballroom World Championships at the Royal Albert Hall with my friend and fellow dancer Gon for hours  It’s been brilliant, awe inspiring and also slightly depressing knowing that you’ll never dance anywhere close to level these guys do ~ it’s interval time and the words “it’s your turn now” are uttered.

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