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Between the Clouds

When I was young I used to spend hours lying on my back watching the clouds go by, or I’d wander letting the pointiest edge the cloud tell me which way to go.

I’ve always been transfixed by clouds ~ I spend a lot of time staring out the window of a plane at them. They seem so solid, yet not. Calming.

These few are from my flights to and from Copenhagen this weekend

Lying in the Grass Watching the Clouds Go By

I haven’t even made it anywhere close to Polegate before I realise why my friend Kerry has chosen to live down near Eastbourne. It’s gorgeous.

It’s one if those early spring days where it’s warm in the sun but freezing out of it and adding to that is a heck of an offshore breeze. Jacket on? Jacket off? It’s a rather nice dilemma to have.

This weekend has coincided nicely with all the work that’s going on at my flat – at least I’m not spending it in basic B&B, although I really could do with spending even more time painting and generally sorting my flat out. But more than anything else I need a rest, a week of 2am finishes has brought me to my knees.

It was a thoroughly relaxing weekend, walking in the fields and in the harbour; eating great food; laughing; playing with the kids; and lying in the grass watching the clouds go by.

The Train Journey Down to Eastbourne

Eastbourne Harbour

Country Walks