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Back to the Ballroom

As I stepped into Bishopsgate Institute's Ballroom, I realise I hadn't been here in probably 18 months. Not since before surgery and probably a while before then too. The lighting's different, as is the set-up. In fact it's all different, but lovely and atmospheric. And more importantly, it's a dance floor and I have my feet on it.

For four hours we whisked and weaved our way around the floor; we jived and rumba'd; we sweated and laughed. By the end of the night we could barely walk, but it was all worth it.

The Most Ridiculous Dance Injury

​I’m lying on my back in my living room, staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out if I’m ok or injured – nano-seconds earlier I was stood in my kitchen. What. A. Twat! What an utter twat!

I’d been practicing my rumba turns to try and sharpen them up – my rope spin, is at times ropey, so you know socks, shiny floor, great music why wouldn’t you … fucking disaster!

… I manage to keep the 360° turn tight and start to settle and … lose my balance, unable to unwrap my feet, I reach out to try and steady myself, but find nothing but air, falling through the doorway to the living room, scraping my tit on the doorframe on the way, akin to Del Boy falling through the bar. 

So here I lie prostrate on the floor with bruised and scraped tit. 

March Rivoli

I’m so excited to be back in the Ballroom and more specifically at the Rivoli ballroom social again.  I missed February as my friends were getting married – don’t get me wrong, that was most excellent, but it did leave a big-old-gap between Rivoli visits.  However, that did also mean that I was as excited as a child at Christmas before this visit.

There were a good few of the regulars there thankfully – so I managed to spend nearly all of the 4+hrs dancing ~ sweaty fun!






Samba Masterclass

I haven’t done a masterclass in a while – and this is the first one this year ~ a gruelling 3hrs of technique and learning a routine from scratch… On. A. Sunday!

Typically what happens is this: part way through the 3hrs my brain just gives up and forgets how to either link moves together; or the routine itself; or gets confused if the orientation of routine in the room changes ~ today all of those things happened. By the end it’d all gone to pot and I definitely didn’t want to solo dance in front of the class … oh, lordy-be no!

It was great to dance Samba again though – I only get to dance it now at the Rivoli Social which is once a month, which is probably why it’s become less natural to dance and remember. I love it though.

Samba Masterclass

Samba Masterclass Students with Mariusz (front and centre) c/o Mariusz

I’ve been looking forward to this, the second samba masterclass since it was announced a few weeks ago.  Since the first one, I’ve clocked up many hours practicing samba for my Silver Latin Medal exam and it didn’t disappoint ~ lots of wiggles, whisks and rolls, with some of the best people around.  Continue reading Samba Masterclass