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The Strictly Prom

I have lived in London for 24years and this is my first ever Prom, which is frankly ridiculous, but what a great one to start with, The Strictly Prom. Both Judith and I are avid dancers and Strictly nuts.

The samba and rumba were absolutely corking ~ two of my favourite dances … so good.

If I ever get to be half as good as the dancers this evening, I’ll be a happy woman – all the way through it I kept thinking about how and where I want to take my dancing.

Dancing at the Royal Albert Hall

IMG_4541I literally can’t tell you how excited I am ~ I’ve been watching the Ballroom World Championships at the Royal Albert Hall with my friend and fellow dancer Gon for hours  It’s been brilliant, awe inspiring and also slightly depressing knowing that you’ll never dance anywhere close to level these guys do ~ it’s interval time and the words “it’s your turn now” are uttered.

Gon and I look at each other, scream, Continue reading Dancing at the Royal Albert Hall