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St Patrick’s Day Hailo

I have quite a few Irish friends and every year for I don’t know how long they’ve invited me to join their St Patrick’s Day celebrations for my First. Ever. Time [no seriously it’s true!]. But every year something, invariably work, has gotten in the way of joining them.

And this year was no exception.

I trudged out of work at about 10pm, fired up the Hailo taxi app and found a leprechaun sat on a clover telling me my taxi was a minute away.

Whilst it’s not a patch on celebrating properly, it did make me giggle to myself, in the middle of the street… not at all odd…!

To you all, I hope you all had a fabulous night and you’re not as green as a shamrock in the morning.

Next year… next year, I’ll promise I’ll be alongside you, replete with Guinness hat, belting out Fields of Athenry … next year.