My South American Adventure: Iguazu Falls, Brazilian side

IMG_4682Did someone say 2.30am? Saaay what??!! Apparently we have a 2.30am start for our 5-something-or-other-crazy-am flight. God how I hate mornings, God how hard did I try to hide that fact in front of 15 strangers and not bitch and moan for hours ~ internally I tell you it was a whole different matter! To sleep or to not ~ I got a couple of hours in before jumping on a coach In. The. Dead. of. Night. heading for the airport for a flight to Iguaçu (Argentina) and the first of our three trips across the border.

Despite all the internal wtf’ing and the delayed flight(!!) the early start was more than worth it as we approached the Brazilian side of the falls – all of us kept saying “wow” as we walked along the vista path, stopping endlessly to take pictures along the way.  I’ve got to tell you it is stunning, utterly.

I already know this holiday is going to spectacular.

“What’s that animal called?” … I didn’t hear its name just the following, “don’t feed them, don’t touch them, one scratch from them and you’ll need a rabies shot” … so not touching that or any other creature here,

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