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The Pirates of Penzance 

I booked last minute tickets to see The Pirates of Penzance at The Coliseum. As children we listened to the music over and over again ~ I’m not even sure why, or whether it was mum or dad who played it, but for whatever reasons, I know, and take delight (great delight) in reciting (tarantara tarantara) some of the lyrics Continue reading The Pirates of Penzance 

Distraction Club, Prefaced by Dancing

My social life seems to have gone a bit crazy again with nights having to be double-stacked. Last night was a quick drink with a friend followed by a double dance class, tonight is a private dance lesson followed by the once-a-month Distraction Club. I always end up missing the first 40mins of DC, as I have to head back into Town from Westbourne Park – but I wont miss dance. Continue reading Distraction Club, Prefaced by Dancing

Samba Masterclass

I haven’t done a masterclass in a while – and this is the first one this year ~ a gruelling 3hrs of technique and learning a routine from scratch… On. A. Sunday!

Typically what happens is this: part way through the 3hrs my brain just gives up and forgets how to either link moves together; or the routine itself; or gets confused if the orientation of routine in the room changes ~ today all of those things happened. By the end it’d all gone to pot and I definitely didn’t want to solo dance in front of the class … oh, lordy-be no!

It was great to dance Samba again though – I only get to dance it now at the Rivoli Social which is once a month, which is probably why it’s become less natural to dance and remember. I love it though.