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Flying into the Sunset

I can’t quite believe that my trip to the US is over, the last three weeks have been amazing ~ relaxing, exciting, terrifying at times (wedding speech), but overall just brilliant.

Spending so much time with my brother and his new wife, Melissa, was great – I haven’t spent this much time with my brother since we were teenagers I think, god I miss him. But it’s time to head home, back to reality and thankfully I’m back to health.

I *might* have upgraded to Business Class on the way back, after the free upgrade on the way over, I’d tasted all the joy of a flat-bed seat, how could I go back?


The Long Slow Snowy Drive to Boston

I can’t believe that the last nine days have gone by so fast and I’m already on my way home again, it seems ludicrous ~ I demand a recount! But yet there we are, it’s a true fact, it’s the end of my holiday. I woke this morning to a message from my brother in the other room to say it was snowing. A more accurate statement would have been, “it’s been snowing all night”.

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Botanical Garden Light Show

DSC_2054The kids are down for a couple of days, it’s great to see them again. Evan got a camera for Christmas ~ we’re off to the botanical gardens near Bath, to see the light show, so it’s a great time to test out his camera … and ours. It turns out that Evan’s Coolpix is nearly as good, if not better than both of the fully fledged Nikon’s at taking nighttime shots. Continue reading Botanical Garden Light Show