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Who’s the Silly Goat?

So there’s this *thing* in my new company whereby if you do something stupid, dosey or just plain ridiculous, regardless of whether it’s work related (breaking the server, booking interviews on a bank holiday) or in your personal life [let’s keep examples private] then you get given The Goat. The Goat sits on your monitor, staring at you, mocking you, laughing, nay bleating at you, until someone else makes a gaff and he’s passed on.

Thankfully I haven’t been given The Goat yet, but it probably is only a matter of time ~ there is talk on the grapevine that there is a moratorium on giving him to newbies – I can only hope.

Beer, Sausages and Scotch Eggs … aka Heaven

Corrr Sausage Board

So the challenge:  “brother and his girlfriend are in London for two days, show them the best of London, but what??” … tonight I introduced them to two of London’s iconic (in my mind) beerage places – one because it’s the oldest pub in London [Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese] and the other because it serves the best selection of craft beer and scotch eggs and a sausage board worthy of a trip from out of town!!

I adore The Old Red Cow (ORC) for many reason – food, beer, atmosphere, food, lots of men in suits, sausages .. the last two are indeed unconnected…

We met up with some friends at the ORC and laughed the night away … there may have been a little bit of beer, maybe a little too much – but if you leave London without a hangover, then you haven’t experienced remotely enough of what it has to offer!

Occasionally I stand back on a moment and look on with happiness at life – tonight Melissa captured that moment ~ some of the friends and family I love, all from disparate groups, having fun together.  A happy happy night.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese


First stop on our London beer experience was, and naturally had to be, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, being the oldest pub in London.

It’s as though the old spit and sawdust has just about being swept from the floors – it has a comforting charm from the sign outside to the vaults you have to near double in half to get down to.

A quick low (by accident) alcohol beer pitstop later and we were on our way to the main event for the evening at the [Old Red Cow] for beer, scotch eggs and a sausage board that makes me smile wistfully at the mere thought of it.

He’s Finally Here!

After the near-miss over a week ago, I’m again stood at a terminal, gazing up at the arrivals board, trying and again failing not to cry, waiting for my brother and his girlfriend to arrive. This time it’s King’s Cross and this time they’re definitely coming.

I haven’t seen my brother in 6 or so years and I’ve never met his girlfriend. It’s all kinds of wrong.

Pacing, pacing … the train’s delayed, but not by much … the platform number isn’t being displayed and there are barriers In The Way (f-sake) … I have to get through! … I manage to do so with a quick teary explanation [I’m on the cusp of being an emotional mess].

A train arrives, “is this the train from Edinburgh?” I ask a station guard, “yes” – I turn into a meerkat searching for him – nowhere – crying (he’s not here!!), “Andrew!!” I shout at the back of some random stranger.

*Not* his train it turns out … definitely didn’t look a twat or anything like that..!

Three minutes later and his train slowly pulls into platform 1 … I’m heading up the platform against the opposing flow of travellers ~ salmon have an easier time of it ~ then as the crowd parts, they’re there; he’s there; I’m running* (*fast waddling with shopping bags); I’m crying before I even get to him [I’m crying now thinking back]; we hug; I sob … I sob a bit more; composure is *entirely* lost ~ eventually I let go and finally meet Melissa, his lovely girlfriend, and our two day adventure in London begins… well after the ubiquitous selfie!

Southbank Rooftop Drinks


God I love London. I love London for many reasons and in any season. The South Bank is fantastic winter or summer, there’s always something happening, it’s got a great buzz, whether it’s the Christmas market, a food festival or the Sunday bookstalls. But despite the hustle and bustle it can also be a haven of calm. Atop the gaudy yellow spiral-ish staircase is a rooftop garden bar. People sit on benches, tree stumps or the grass chilling and drinking pimms and wine in the sun.

It was the first proper sunny weekend of the year and fortuitously Tiff and I had arranged to meet. Rooftop drinks was our mission ~ to relax in the sun, drinking wine (naturally), watching the world go by … and speculating on couples, reading just how well [or badly, usually badly] their date is going ~ another particular favourite pastime of ours. Not only a fantastic night, but also just what we both needed.

It was so lovely to watch the world go by. We walked over Hungerford Bridge on the way home. It’s one of my favourite views of London, especially at night. I love London, I love that it’s my city.