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March Rivoli

I’m so excited to be back in the Ballroom and more specifically at the Rivoli ballroom social again.  I missed February as my friends were getting married – don’t get me wrong, that was most excellent, but it did leave a big-old-gap between Rivoli visits.  However, that did also mean that I was as excited as a child at Christmas before this visit.

There were a good few of the regulars there thankfully – so I managed to spend nearly all of the 4+hrs dancing ~ sweaty fun!






Distraction Club, Prefaced by Dancing

My social life seems to have gone a bit crazy again with nights having to be double-stacked. Last night was a quick drink with a friend followed by a double dance class, tonight is a private dance lesson followed by the once-a-month Distraction Club. I always end up missing the first 40mins of DC, as I have to head back into Town from Westbourne Park – but I wont miss dance. Continue reading Distraction Club, Prefaced by Dancing

My First Wedding Cake ~ The Big Cake Build

Well it’s finally finished and boxed up ready to go to the wedding tomorrow. I go through periods of really quite liking it, to really not liking it at all. Part of me think it’s a bit mummsy, the other part of me thinks it’s beautiful.

It’s my first wedding cake and only fifth formal cake ~ so no pressure at all. Continue reading My First Wedding Cake ~ The Big Cake Build

Samba Masterclass

I haven’t done a masterclass in a while – and this is the first one this year ~ a gruelling 3hrs of technique and learning a routine from scratch… On. A. Sunday!

Typically what happens is this: part way through the 3hrs my brain just gives up and forgets how to either link moves together; or the routine itself; or gets confused if the orientation of routine in the room changes ~ today all of those things happened. By the end it’d all gone to pot and I definitely didn’t want to solo dance in front of the class … oh, lordy-be no!

It was great to dance Samba again though – I only get to dance it now at the Rivoli Social which is once a month, which is probably why it’s become less natural to dance and remember. I love it though.