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Dali is Watching 

I popped in to the vineyard on Upper Street for dinner before my dance class this evening as I was ridiculously early and there was no way I was going to try and struggle home and back out again given the tube strikes. A massive picture of Dali is painted on one wall, staring down. I have no idea why, it doesn’t tie into anything else – but regardless it makes me smile on the rare occasions I come in.

In the end I was too tired to make my dance class and headed home. 

Tube Strike Walks

I didn’t realise there was a tube strike today when I arranged two interviews. That’ll teach me to avoid the news because it’s endless misery. It was only on Friday when the recruiter sent me a message saying “don’t forget there’s a tube strike” that I realised, but one interview at 2pm in Mayfair, followed by a second in Old Street at 5pm should be fine, right. I’ll get a bus in, it should be ok, might take a little longer, but that’ll be fine, right?? Oh yeah … no. 

After sitting on the bus for over an hour, I’d made it only as far as Euston, nowhere near Mayfair. I pushed that one back, thankfully a recruiter, decamped from the bus and hightailed down there in foot, in the cold and rain. Joy. Meanwhile I got a call from the 5pm appointment asking that it be changed to 4.30pm. If I left the first by 3.30pm that would give me an hour to trek across town to the next one – that’s fine, right? 

I literally made it with 5 mins to spare to the second interview – enough time to change my shoes and de-dishevel me ~ well enough to look presentable(ish). 

I walked 4.6 miles today, on top of two interviews ~ exhausting. (… the rest of the steps are incidentals, and arm movements) 😆

Flying into the Sunset

I can’t quite believe that my trip to the US is over, the last three weeks have been amazing ~ relaxing, exciting, terrifying at times (wedding speech), but overall just brilliant.

Spending so much time with my brother and his new wife, Melissa, was great – I haven’t spent this much time with my brother since we were teenagers I think, god I miss him. But it’s time to head home, back to reality and thankfully I’m back to health.

I *might* have upgraded to Business Class on the way back, after the free upgrade on the way over, I’d tasted all the joy of a flat-bed seat, how could I go back?


Human Traffic 

Note it’s human “traffic”, not “trafficking”… that’s a whole different topic.

Oh my god getting to work over the last two days has been an absolute ball-ache! Yesterday King’s Cross was evacuated for some reason [which was no doubt important, but nevertheless annoying when you’re already running late]. Today the Victoria line was part suspended and Finsbury Park station closed. By the time I got to KX via overground, that was backed up also … *this* is not the way to start a day.

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The Long Slow Snowy Drive to Boston

I can’t believe that the last nine days have gone by so fast and I’m already on my way home again, it seems ludicrous ~ I demand a recount! But yet there we are, it’s a true fact, it’s the end of my holiday. I woke this morning to a message from my brother in the other room to say it was snowing. A more accurate statement would have been, “it’s been snowing all night”.

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