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Halloween in the Office

IMG_5376I’ve been at my new job for just a week and it’s Halloween … well a couple of days before Halloween but we’ll argue semantics, it’s Halloween.

Apparently they have a tradition in my office of dressing up for Halloween … so that’s a thing … and a thing I really really hate – I hate fancy dress, with a passion.  Luckily I have a meeting with the Chairman, so I excuse myself on that basis from dressing up like a tit and walking through the streets of London, looking like a tit!

With that said, some of these guys really made a massive effort and looked awesome.  Chris our office manager won first prize.

Duck and Waffle ~ Team Lunch

IMG_3328Team Finance has a new addition. Traditionally we take a new team member out for lunch to say hi and welcome ~ and who are we to break from tradition, I mean it would be wrong. We’re the smallest, slowest growing team, so we thought we’d do it right and go to Duck and Waffle ~ well why wouldn’t you? HR came too because she threatened us with disciplinary action if we didn’t … that might not be strictly true, or indeed remotely.

The food was delicious, as you’d expect ~ we were largely guided by our fantastic server who steered us towards things I just wouldn’t have touched … bacon wrapped dates, erm why? erm delicious!

The Food

The Venue and the View

40 floors up ~ dizzy inducingly high on the way up; screamingly ear popping on the way down; amazing all day long

The Team

Poker in the Office (not a euphemism)

God I’m crap at poker. It would appear that those many hours of watching late night poker was fruitless, as was the purchase of a significantly oversized poker chip set many years ago.

We had a poker night in the office tonight and I was out second. I’d like to blame it entirely on bad luck with the cards, but I’m not sure that’s entirely true. As it was just before I had to make the choice to go all in and die like a swan, or slowly limp to my death, I got a text from a friend offering me a free ticket to a comedy club in soho and that was it ~ all in >> lost >> out the door running, shouting byeeee!!!

Pirate Liberace Goat

 This is the Goat of Stupidity. He appears at your desk when you’ve essentially done something utterly idiotic – whether that’s work related or in your private life. Today a guy called in sick because he’d got up in the middle of the night and walked into a light, scratching his cornea. And for this reason he got the goat … with a little eye-patch for good measure (definitely didn’t spend 20mins creating that little badger … nope, I didn’t)

Easter Bunny-tastic

IMG_2832The Easter Bunny came to our office today … it definitely wasn’t me, oh no it wasn’t and I definitely didn’t stay until 10pm hiding eggs and covering the office in bunnies, oh no I didn’t.

Hidden about the office were 9 deposits of eggs, some of which late in the afternoon are still to be found, which means, as the bunny representative, I am the only one who knows where the others are … and can hunt them down when I’m in need of sugar.

Happy Bunny-tastic Easter everyone. x